Terms and Conditions

The Golden Rule: Respect

Treat others the way you want to be treated. This call is an open forum and there is no limit to what conversations can be about however please be respectful and refrain from personal attacks and harassment when giving opinions. Violators will be warned and will be banned if the issue continues.

If there is any violation to this rule, please contact one of the active co-hosts/lightworkers in the call immediately.

No shilling

You may make an announcement or introduce your project/coin but please refrain from pitching to people. If you would like to do a coin drop or project launch on the call, please reach out to a host/co-host/lightworker to get it approved.

Screen & sound sharing

No screen or sound sharing on the call. Please reach out to the host if you would like to share your screen or music.

Recordings & screenshots

Recordings of the call or parts of the call is prohibited unless provided explicit permission from management. Any other form of screen recording other than directly within Zoom is prohibited.

If and when a recording is taking place, you will receive a notification (visual or otherwise) when recording is enabled. If you do not consent to being recorded, please leave the call and come back at a later time.

Impromptu screenshots of participants or group screenshots may be taken at times. Please use common sense when posting screenshots online from the call.

Use of the Nacho Average brand & digital assets

The Nacho Average brand and intellectual assets may not be reproduced or altered in whole or in part, in any manner, without explicit permission of the copyright owner.

Please contact management at nachoaveragenetwork@gmail.com if you would like to:

  • Partner or collaborate with Nacho Average
  • Have a Nacho Average hosted event
  • Use Nacho Average digital assets/branding


By entering the call, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.